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15 Min Loans

In this fast & modern world, people (especially with limited monthly income and tight budget) often fall victim to unexpected fiscal problems. No matter what financial emergency they face all of a sudden, with us at 15 min loans, they can find a right fiscal aid using our hassle-free & friendly loan matching service.

Have a quick glance as to why you should use our services-

Swift & Straightforward Application

The ease of loan application & acquisition is expected by all needy credit borrowers when they are trapped in a sudden fiscal deadlock. We operate our business online over the internet 24*7.

Whenever you have a cash emergency, get started with us at any point of time using your computer, laptop and even mobile phone. Complete a digital loan application form with authentic details and submit it to us.

Forget the hassle of excessive documentation, hidden charges, and face-to-face meetings with the lender. Once we receive your application, we process them quickly and our credit lenders get back to you with lucrative deals of 15 Min loans.

Swift cash assistance to all

As a reliable and responsible credit matching service, our aim is to help people find small, but swift cash against all fiscal emergencies. Don't get embarrassed by your precious transactional records. Leave all your worries aside. Once you confirm the eligibility conditions, credit lenders sanction the approved money in your specified bank account as soon as one business day.

Flexible repayment structure

Loan repayment can be a burdensome task if you live on a fixed income and have to carry huge fiscal responsibilities. The credit lenders, who work with us, compete heavily to offer the fiscal assistance with affordable repayment structure.


With us, all your important details are safe. We use SSL technology and latest internet security technology to protect your data and secure financial transactions. 24*7 customer care support

We are always available at customer's service and solve their legitimate concerns regarding our loan matching service. Do contact with us at any time if you have some concerns. One of our customer care representative will help you and try to sort out your problem as soon as possible.

Things to keep in mind:

Collections Process and Implications of Non-Payment

Always keep in mind that 15 minute loans are for those people who need cash urgently to meet sudden and unavoidable fiscal obligations. Availing such high APR loans is a serious financial liability for borrowers.

Therefore, we recommend that you should use such loans with ultimate care. Never use it for luxury.

When the loan repayment date arrives, in most of the cases, the repayment amount is automatically deducted in full from borrower's bank account. So, it's your responsibility to maintain sufficient balance in your bank account for successful loan repayment. If the loan is not repayment is full, the lender sends you various reminder notices for loan repayment.

If you don't pay back the loan despite the lender's reminder and try to run away from loan repayment, the lender may take legal action to recover the borrowed money. It involves late fines as well. This may damage your reputation as a loan borrower and you may face difficulties to seek loan in the future.

Late Payment and Renewal Policy

Loan payment has serious implications. The lender will apply heavy late fines against you, which may make it difficult for you to repay the loan amount.

Instead of this, you must look for a loan extension by stating the proper reason to the lender and paying some fees. You must read the lender's renewal policy in advance and ask question to the lender frequently about this.

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15 Minute Cash Loans

15 minute cash loans can be assumed as a lifeline for any individual who live on a limited monthly salary and have not enough investments and savings.

15 Minute Payday Loans

15 Minute Payday Loans are an excellent way to avail small, but much needed funds when you encounter unexpected fiscal mess in your life.