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About US

At 15minuteloans.co.uk, we act as a broker between credit lenders and loan borrowers. Financial hassles are a part and parcel of everyone's life and its 100% true. Whenever, you fall in sudden fiscal problem with no cash backup, getting in touch with us can help you sail though complicated financial situations easily and quickly.

We pride ourselves as one of the most reliable and leading loan matching service provider in the UK. We are not a direct credit lender and therefore, have no role in loan approval/denial & credit lending decisions.

When borrowers contact with us with their requests, we simply explore the best credit lender for them. Based on their current fiscal situations, employment status, repayment potential and resources, borrowers can choose any loan deal and can meet their unexpected fiscal needs.

We truly understand the urgency of funds when people have no additional cash at all and are bombarded with unavoidable needs that demand immediate cash injections. Under such scenarios, any needless complication is something like adding salt to their injury.

Therefore, we have streamlined and simplified our modus operandi for the ease of loan borrowers. Excellent and swift customer service round the clock, updated information on the website (about loan products), swift turnaround time and a desire to assist the needy people makes us different from the loan matching options available in the market. In case of any sudden financial emergency, allow us to help you tackle our financial problems swiftly with our top rated loan matching service.

How it works

Finding a loan can be a troublesome work if you use the traditional means of loan application and receiving. With us, everything is easy and simplified. No need to make several visits to the physical office of the borrowers and meet several formalities to get the loan. Here, everything happens within a few mouse clicks. See, how you can receive loan using our loan matching service.

Fill up an online application form:

We are available online 24*7 with a strong desire to entertain your calls for loan products and services. Whenever you need urgent funds, all you need to do is to use a computer/laptop/mobile device to access our website and look for its application section.

Just sign up and fill up an application form with authentic details. Once you complete the application, just check it again and remove possible errors. Once you are done, just click the submit button and its one.

Wait for a while

Once you submit the application, it is sent to a panel of credit lenders. They examine your application and check the legitimacy of the information you supplied. Once everything is found be accurate by the lender, he/she approves your application and notifies you about this.

Fund Transfer

Upon approval, you can get funds in maximum one business day in your bank account through online transaction. Withdraw the money at your will and use it as per your needs.

Loan repayment

As soon as the repayment date arrives, the repayable amount is automatically deducted from your bank account. (Usually on your next paycheck).

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Our Services

15 Minute Cash Loans

15 minute cash loans can be assumed as a lifeline for any individual who live on a limited monthly salary and have not enough investments and savings.

15 Minute Payday Loans

15 Minute Payday Loans are an excellent way to avail small, but much needed funds when you encounter unexpected fiscal mess in your life.